Window Boxes help liven up any residential block or commercial storefront. These beautiful little gardens bring positive attention to a property while being simple to maintain and enjoy. Most flowers are placed into planters that are small enough to change in five minutes and are striking enough to give your business a vibrant look and welcoming feel.

A cool look for the summer, window boxes dress up the front of a property while providing extra gardening space. Most window boxes follow a magic formula for success— the proven "thriller, filler, spiller" recipe puts a tall plant in the center, mounding plants on the sides and trailing plants flowing over the edges. Planting a thriller (something tall, such as a blooming geranium, Japanese iris), a filler (something to add fullness, such as colorful caladium, white snapdragon, violet African daisy, red common geranium) and a spiller (something to trail over the sides, such as purple petunias, pink and red ivy geraniums, dark red calibrachoa, purple Lanai verbena) will help vary the window box and make it interesting.

Have you ever wanted to build a window box of your own to add charm, color and curb appeal to your storefront? This simple woodworking project from HGTV is easy enough for anyone with the material and tools and can be completed in a day.

Much like how window boxes can spruce up a storefront or home, offers tissue paper by the ream and a staggering array of solid, printed, white, and kraft tissues and shred. These packaging additions come in dozens of colors and patterns, making it easy for you to add style and substance to your packages. We are also veteran packaging specialists who offer Ribbons, Bows, Gift Bows, Gift Ribbon, Pull Bows, Star Bows, Curling Ribbon and Satin Ribbon for any occasion or product.

Think of our Bows and Ribbons as the thrillers of a window box and our Tissue and Shred options as the fillers and spillers. Like the flowers adorning the window boxes in storefronts everywhere, these colorful tissue options are easy to coordinate with other packaging materials (Boxes, Shopping Bags and Gift Wraps) for a beautiful ensemble.

We also offer ready-made Coordinated Packaging Collections that match the perfect combination of bags, boxes, ribbon, bows and tissue. Our collections, like the Make a Splash, Kensington Plaid and Bold Scroll Collection demonstrate how the additional use of bows, tissue and ribbon (as well as other coordinated packaging) enhance bags, boxes and giftwrap paper.

Now you can have awesome retail packaging options to go along with those beautiful new window boxes. A little bit of love and care with your storefront and packaging can go a long way in creating an environment and product that customers feel comfortable with. Remember that is your place for all customized retail packaging. Contact Us for a quote today.