Sometimes misinterpreted as a gift given by someone with a lack of thoughtfulness, gift cards don’t get enough love. Gift cards are actually a fantastic option for both customers and retailers alike. When a customer’s search for the “perfect gift” comes up short and a gift card is the only way to go, it’s important to shift their mindset on gift cards from a quick and easy gift to the perfect gift to give.

Why are gift cards such a great option?

They Have Fantastic Up-Sell Potential

According to Retail Category Consultants, the average gift card redemption generates an average of 4.5 times the gift card’s original value. So when someone who has received a gift card comes in to cash it, it is a perfect opportunity to up-sell—the gift card brought them into the store, now it’s time to encourage them to spend some of their own money in addition to the gift card.

New Customer Acquisition

Gift cards are an easy gift giving option and can bring new customers into your store. You can also use gift cards as a promotional tool—give one gift card to an existing customer when they bring in a friend, and that friend will receive the same discount when they make their first purchase at your business. Promotions like this can leverage regular customers to bring new faces into your store.

How can you make your gift cards even more effective? Here are a few tips on how to personalize gift cards in a way that will make them truly thoughtful:

Make your gift cards seasonal by featuring holiday specific graphics

Customers are more likely to purchase a gift card that reflect a specific holiday or give off a seasonal vibe. For example, if a customer is searching for gift card to give during Christmas, it’s a good idea to offer gift cards with snowmen, snowflakes or jolly Ol’ Saint Nick emblazoned on it.

Wrap up your gift cards up in traditional gift wrap paper

Wrapping up a gift card gives it an air of legitimacy that a gift card box alone cannot produce. Color gift wraps attract the eye to the gift and also lend a shade of mystery to the entire process. What’s in the box? An awesome gift is, that’s what.

We offer gift wrap for any celebration, holiday or personality type. Celebrate with holiday prints like Christmas Chevron Reversible Gift Wrap or Gold Star Chanukah Gift Wrap, and birthday prints like Party Balloons Gift Wrap. Our stylish gift wrap patterns are perfect for both men (like Black Diamonds Kraft Gift Wrap) and women (Damselfly Gift Wrap). Gift wraps are available in 15", 18" and 24" widths. Please note that jeweler’s rolls are available in 3 roll increments only.

Let shoppers choose a gift card holder that fits the personality of the one receiving it

We offer countless options for gift card holders at Whether it’s a pop-up box, pillow box or a simple card folder, we have a Gift Card Holder for everyone.

Our pop-up boxes, like this Candy Confetti / White Gloss Pop Up Gift Card Box, are 1 piece pop-up construction made from gloss finish recycled board with a white interior. Its interior holds a standard gift card and is printed with: “To,” “From,” and “Amount.”

Gift card folders, like this Cheery Dots Gift Card Folder & Silver Holder Insert, are made from 100% recycled board with a gloss finish. Each folder comes with a silver coordinating gift card holder insert creating a beautiful presentation of your store’s gift card. Like the pop-up boxes, card folder inserts are printed with: “To,” “From,” and “Amount.”

Gift card pillow boxes are another great option for gift card presentation, as well as small accessory and gift items. Pillow boxes are solid color tints on gloss finish board. These are available in 8 popular colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Hot Pink, Leaf, Red, Silver, White.

Pillow Boxes are available for Post Printing. They can be Hot Stamped with custom logos or designs. Post Printing is a manual, hand fed process for short run programs. The printing is done on products that have already been produced and converted such as bags or boxes. Due to the nature of this process, printing quality is limited compared to in-line printing. We can also work with you on customized gift card boxes and packaging options.

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