Vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange, crisp temperatures, pigskins and back-to-school—it’s that time of year again, fall is upon us. With the beach and summer placed in the rearview mirror, it’s time to set the falling leaves and shoppers in motion with autumn-inspired retail packaging.

Fall elicits images of natural looking items and decorations— things like leaves, pine cones, berries, tree branches, flowers, wicker baskets, feathers, logs, corn cobs, and gourds. Packaging carrying these images will instantly evoke the autumnal spirit in any shopper’s heart.

Our Autumn Leaves Gift Wrap and Kraft Leaves & Berries Gift Wrap options can provide the perfect fall imagery to your retail packaging. Both are available in 15", 18" and 24" widths. Please note that Jewelers rolls are available in 3 roll increments only.

You don’t even necessarily need an image or pattern to arouse that fall feeling— all you really need is color. Retailers know that there are particular colors that exemplify the fall season. All of those classic reds, yellows and oranges are staples of the season. You can take your fall colors further by using these hues in your products while using their accent colors throughout your business and storefront.

Our bold Day Lily/Goldenrod Reversible Gift Wrap can knock out two classic fall colors with one stone and is also available in in 15", 18" and 24" widths. For tissue papers that match the fall themes, check out our Yellow Solid Tissue or Red Gingham Printed Tissue.

If you like a natural autumn look and want to be eco-friendly as well, check out our selection of kraft products made from 100% recycled fibers. Our kraft bags are available for Post Printing as well. Post Printing is a manual, hand fed process for short run programs with printing done on products that have already been produced and converted. Refer to our Post Printing page for more information and upcharges.

Kraft packaging options include Recycled Natural Paper Shopping bags with serrated edges and kraft paper twist handles, or Natural Kraft Pinstripe Tuck-It One-Piece Folding Gift Boxes. These gift boxes are made from recyclable kraft board with kraft interior and may be folded flat for easy storage. Boxes take only seconds to assemble.

The fall means time for new clothes. As the weather gets colder and the kids start getting back to school, everyone’s going to need new threads. Our Natural Kraft Pinstripe Two-Piece Pop-Up Apparel Boxes are made from recyclable kraft board with kraft interior and our Tinted Kraft Black Pinstripe Two-Piece Pop-Up Apparel Boxes are made with heavy recycled kraft board with kraft interior. Along with fall colored Patterns on Recycled White Kraft Shopping Bags, these retail packaging options are all great for apparel sales and are availablle Post Printed.

Never forget that autumn is a full sensory experience. That should be something your business should emulate this upcoming season. Entice customers’ sense of smell with cinnamon, pumpkin and apple pie fragrances or candles in your store. Satisfy their taste buds by serving or selling fall appetizers and desserts with flavors of apple, orange, pumpkin and cinnamon. Play with the colors by experimenting with kraft wrapping paper or create contrast with brightly colored wrapping paper, or go with classic color schemes that are as timeless as the feelings the season arouses.

Enjoy the changing of the seasons and don’t forget that is your place for all customized retail packaging needs. Feel free to Contact Us for a quote today!